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Just a reflection, just a glimpse

Miss Sharellian
15 June
-gluten free

What else can I say besides the basics? I like to write, about anything and everything. Mostly silly things that don't make sense to anyone but myself (or those who are just as crazy as I.) I don't like to have just anyone read my words. Bad things happen when you give someone free access to your mind.

Most of the time I'm fairly tongue-in-cheek; and it may be dangerous to your health to take anything I say too seriously. I can be quite the sarcastic person, but I can also be very serious and emotional. I'm known to be quite the drama queen. I wear my heart on my sleeve, so you'll always know how I'm feeling.

Anything I've left out or that you're curious about, just ask. Don't be afraid, I don't bite....(too hard)

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